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Incentives and Entitlements

While on Guam, you may be entitled to the following:

Overseas Tour Extension Incentives Program (OTEIP): According to MILPERSMAN 1306-300: “OTEIP offers eligible enlisted members the opportunity to choose one of four incentive options for an extension of the Department of Defense (DoD) overseas tour length of 12 months or more.

a. the following options are available:

(1) Option A - $80 per month special pay for each month during the period of extension

(2) Option B – 30 days rest and recuperation (R&R) absence during the period of extension

(3) Option C – 15 days R&R absence, plus round trip transportation at Government expense from the location of the extended tour of duty to the port of debarkation in the continental United States (CONUS) and return during the period of extension. Members authorized OTEIP extensions longer than 12 months are entitled to receive 20 days of R&R absence”.

(4) Option D – $2,000 lump sum payment on the first day of the 12-month extension

The complete MILPERSMAN 1306-300 is accessible at 1306-300.pdf (navy.mil)

Assignment Incentive Pay (AIP): According to MyNavy HR, “The AIP Program allows Sailors to set their price, through a "bid" system located in CMS/ID, for an assignment to certain hard to fill billets/locations. The qualified Sailor submitting the lowest bid will receive the assignment. The Navy establishes a maximum payment for each location and pay grade to control the bid.” The most recent Eligibility Chart and other AIP information can be found on the AIP website at MyNavy HR > References > Pay & Benefits > AIP

Consecutive Overseas Tour (COT) Leave Travel Entitlement Policy: According to MILPERSMAN 1050-410, “Service members stationed outside the continental United States (OCONUS) who are ordered to a consecutive tour of duty at the same duty station or reassigned permanent change of station (PCS) to another overseas duty station may be paid travel and transportation allowances in connection with authorized leave from their last duty station.”

The complete MILPERSMAN 1050-140 is accessible at: 1050-410.pdf (navy.mil)