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Why Go Guam?

Serve in one of the world's most beautiful duty station locations.
Take in the sun, sand, and tropical climate.
Experience rich culture and enjoy delicious food.

And, ultimately, execute the mission in the strategically important Asia-Pacific region.

PCSing to Guam

Making the move to Guam? Click here for helpful resources and information that will make your move a little easier.

Residents of Guam

Already here in Guam? Find local resources and support programs to make this your best assignment.


A Smoother Transition to Guam

Submarine Squadron 15 created the '1st Fifteen' PCS Checklist with the goal of helping you through your '1st Fifteen' days on island. It covers what you should know before you leave, what you need to do upon arrival, contacts, housing, education, pets, and more.

'1st Fifteen' PCS Checklist (PDF)

Need More Info?

Read some testimonials from sailors and their spouses on Guam.


Contact Submarine Squadron 15 about the Go Guam Initiative.

Contact your detailer