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CSS-15 Squadron Duty Officer: 671-777-9061

CSS-15 Squadron Duty Chief: 671-777-9336

CSS-15 Squadron Duty Driver: 671-777-9088


CSS-15 Commander: Capt. Bret Grabbe

CSS-15 Deputy Commander: Cmdr. Neil Steinhagen

CSS-15 Command Master Chief: CMDCM Eric Baker

Ombudsman and FRG


Ombudsman Email: css15ombudsman@gmail.com

Ombudsman Phone: 671-777-9300

Command-approved social media: Facebook: www.facebook.com/SubmarineSquadron15/

JRM Ombudsman Assembly Chair

Ombudsman Email: assemblychairnbg@gmail.com

Command approved social media:

Command Website(s): 

USS Asheville (SSN 758)

Ombudsman Email: ombudsman758@gmail.com

Ombudsman Phone: 671-777-6821

USS Jefferson City (SSN 759)

Ombudsman Email: jeffcityombuds759@gmail.com

Ombudsman Phone: 651-323-7953

USS Annapolis (SSN 760)

Ombudsman Email: annapolis.ombudsman@gmail.com

Ombudsman Phone: 671-864-5162

USS Springfield (SSN 761)

Ombudsman Email: 761omb@gmail.com

Ombudsman Phone: 671-777-9314

USS Emory S. Land

Ombudsman Email: eslombudsman@gmail.com

Ombudsman Phone: 671-489-5714

Command Website(s):  www.csp.navy.mil/emorysland

FRG Closed Group:  www.facebook.com/groups/eslombudsman/

USS Frank Cable

Ombudsman Email: ussfrankcableomb@gmail.com

Ombudsman Phone: 671-988-1261 / 671-687-3623/0825

Command Website(s):  www.csp.navy.mil/frankcable

FRG Closed Group:  www.facebook.com/groups/USSFrankCableFRG/ (can be added to group before checking into the Command)

U.S. Naval Hospital Guam


  • Commanding Officer: Capt. Maria Young: 671-344-9234
  • Executive Officer: Capt. Steven Kewish: 671-344-9235
  • Command Master Chief: CMDCM Sergio Jardon 671-344-9703


  • Medical Appointment Line: 671-344-9202
  • Dental Appointment Line: 671-344-9269/9707
  • Branch Medical Clinic: 671-339-7118
  • Branch Dental Clinic: 671-339-3175

Naval Base Guam

The mission of Naval Base Guam is to support the US Pacific Fleet and other operating forces based at, serviced by or supplied through Guam; to support the fighters based here or attached to our tenant commands; and to support the families of Sailors stationed on Guam.


  • Commanding Officer: Capt. Jeffrey Grimes
  • Executive Officer: Cmdr. Jason Wilkerson
  • Command Master Chief: CMDCM Kenyatter Ballard


  • Command Duty Officer: 671-777-1809
  •  Visitor Control Center: 671-339-1280 / 1380
  • Personnel Support Detachment: 671-339-8026
  • Housing Office: 671-333-2087
  • Security: 671-339-3414
  • MWR Main Office: 671-564-1851

Joint Region Marianas

The mission of Joint Region Marianas is to provide executive level installation management support to all Department of Defense components and tenants through assigned regional installations on Guam and the Northern Mariana Islands in support of training in the Marianas; to act as the interface between the Navy and the civilian community; to ensure compliance with all environmental laws and regulations, safety procedures, and equal opportunity policy; and perform other functions and tasks as may be assigned.


  • Commanding Officer: Rear Adm. Shoshana Chatfield, USN
  • Deputy Commander: Brig. Gen. Gentry Boswell, USAF
  • Command Master Chief: CMDCM Brian Ortega, USN


  • Public Affairs Office: 671-349-2115
  • Command Sponsor Coordinator: 671-349-6344
  • Family Readiness: 671-339-5259

Navy Gateway Inns and Suites

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