Submarine Squadron 21



First established in October 2014, Submarine Squadron Two One is a forward deployed unit created to provide senior leadership experience in submarine and undersea warfare to support COMFIFTHFLT, and to improve submarine coordination and safety within the area of operation.

The mission of the squadron covers all aspects of submarine operations from effective submarine employment to safety and logistics. Exercising tactical control over all units assigned to CTF-54, Submarine Squadron Two One directs submarines to execute theater engagement and theater security plans, and to execute theater antisubmarine warfare (ASW) campaign plans and coordinated anti-submarine warfare for Commander of United States Central Command, and to continuously facilitate nationally tasked undersea operations in defense of our homeland.

With its creation, Submarine Squadron Two One brings in theater support to deployed units allowing for better coordination in submarine operational, logistics, and maintenance support, and provides oversight on submarine training and exercises to support theater operations.