Guam is about the mission – there’s no doubt about it – but it’s also a true paradise. 

Explore white sand beaches, countless hikes through the interior of the island, world renowned scuba diving and snorkeling and various water sports.

Experience a slower pace of life – one that allows you to pause and take in clear blue waters and breathtaking sunsets – while enjoying the comforts of home.

Tropical lifestyle in Guam

Naval Base Guam is home to an award winning Naval Exchange sure to meet your needs; however, if you prefer to venture into town you’ll find familiar department stores, high end shops and local boutiques.

Naval Base Guam also has a state of the art fitness center, Liberty Center for single Sailors, commissary, robust MWR and ITT programs, not to mention its very own marina, Sumay Cove, for water enthusiasts. Charter a private boat for fishing or dolphin-watching excursions, earn your small boat license or even store your privately owned boat at the marina.

After a weekend of fun on the water, children K-12 will return to one of Guam’s highly-praised DoDEA schools. Adults can continue their education through the Naval Base Guam education office, which offers various degree programs for undergraduate studies. These programs are available to military personnel and their dependents. Guam is truly a place where everyone in the family can thrive!

Guam also boasts a rich history that dates back thousands of years and is heavy with Spanish, Japanese and American influences. Guam’s history and proud island heritage are clear in its vibrant, warm and welcoming Chamorro culture. Familiarize yourself with the Chamorro community, its fiestas (Chamorro barbecues), cultural night markets and incredible cuisine.

Interested in international travel? Guam is the ideal hub for travel throughout the Pacific. Places like Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, Bali, Australia and Fiji will never be more accessible. Take advantage of Space-A flights out of Andersen Air Force Base and embark on an adventure of exploration in the Pacific.

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