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Sponsorship & Indoctrination

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Personnel Support Detachment (PSD) 

(Confirming all information below with Jeff Landis)

Per CNIC, Naval Base Guam, “PSD Guam provides consolidated pay and personnel services to more than 2,400 Navy service members on Guam. Additionally, PSD provides passenger transportation services for more than 4,500 DoD personnel and their families and ID Card services for DoD personnel, their families, and retired military members.”

PSD Admin: 671-339-8026

Educational Services Office (ESO): 671-339-4225

Navy Passenger Transportation Office (NAVPTO): 671-339-3189/6165

Receipts (inbound): 671-339-4311/2348/4049

Travel processing (claims): 671-339-7117/5155

For more information about PSD, visit http://www.cnic.navy.mil/regions/jrm/installations/navbase_guam/about/installation_guide/personnel_support_detachment.html