Theater Undersea Surveillance Command, Pacific

Oak Harbor, WA
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Lieutenant Commander Monty Friend

Commanding Officer

LCdr Monty Friend was born in Squamish, British Columbia and grew up in Clinton, BC. He joined the Canadian Forces in 1991.

LCdr Friend completed his naval training in 1993. During this time, he served in HMC Ships Mackenzie, Chaleur, Chignecto and Yukon. In spring of 1993, he was posted to HMCS Terra Nova, where he served as a Bridge Watchkeeper. He successfully passed his qualification board in early 1995 and was promoted to Lieutenant (Navy).

In 1995, he was the first naval officer selected to serve with the United Nations Protection Force in Croatia and served as G1 Personnel Officer in Knin, Croatia. He received a Force Commander’s Commendation for his actions during the Croat Offensive Operation Storm. After the offensive, he served as Refugee Officer for 1,200 displaced persons. On completion of his tour he was posted to HMCS Thunder as Deck Officer and later served as Navigating Officer. In 1998, he joined HMCS Calgary, and was then posted to Maritime Operations Group Four as the Officer in Charge of Naval Tender Section.

In August 2000, he joined the Reserve Force with HMCS Malahat. He then re-enrolled in the Regular Force in March of 2003, at which time he joined HMCS Ottawa. In Ottawa, he served as Bridge Watchkeeper and the Boarding Officer. After completion of the Above Water Warfare Officer course, he served in HMCS Vancouver as the Above Water Warfare Officer. In 2006, he was posted to Canadian Forces Fleet School Esquimalt as the Deputy Division Commander, Warfare Training Division.

In 2007, Lt(N) Friend completed the ORO course. As an ORO, he served in HMC Ships Toronto, Charlottetown, Fredericton, Regina, Iroquois and Halifax. In December of 2009, he was posted to Canadian Fleet Atlantic Headquarters as Plans Officer and was selected as a United Nations Military Observer (UNMO) for Op JADE/United Nations Truce Supervision Organization in Israel. He served as a UNMO from April 2010 - June 2011. Lt(N) Friend then joined Maritime Forces Atlantic Headquarters (MARLANT HQ) as the Above Water Warfare Staff Officer. In May 2013, he completed a Bachelor of Science degree in psychology.

In 2014, Lt(N) Friend was posted to Ottawa, joining the Canadian Forces Electronic Warfare Centre as the Electronic Warfare Liaison Officer. In 2015, he was promoted to Lieutenant Commander and posted to Directorate of Naval Requirements Halifax Class Modernization as Above Water Systems Officer, Project Director and Trials Director. In May 2017 he was diagnosed with and successfully fought throat cancer. After completing the return to work program in January 2018, he was posted to the Canadian Joint Operations Command’s (CJOC) Canadian Forces Integrated Command Centre (CFICC) as a Senior Watch Officer. He was posted in July 2021 to his current position as CANDET Commander at NOPF Whidbey Island.

Lieutenant Commander Friend lives in Oak Harbor and enjoys all the challenges and experiences his current post entails. He is rediscovering his love of mountain biking and running year round in a temperate climate while periodically turning large pieces of wood into smaller pieces.