USS Key West (SSN 722)

Submarine Squadron 19

Bangor, WA
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About USS Key West (SSN 722)

The third ship to bear the name of the city of Key West is a Los Angeles class fast attack submarine with Tomahawk vertical launch capability.  She was built at Newport News, VA, launched in July of 1985 and commissioned in September of 1987.  Following commissioning, USS Key West visited her namesake city in 1987 for a weeklong celebration, and again in 1992 and 1994.

USS Key West has been deployed around the world’s oceans and from both coasts of the United States.  She has won many honors and awards, and on several occasions, recognized as the best submarine in the squadron for Battle Efficiency.

In 2001, USS Key Wet was the first warship to arrive on station as part of operation Enduring Freedom following the September 11th terrorist attacks.  Key West participated for the initial 75 days of the operation, launching Tomahawk cruise missiles into Afghanistan in October 2001.  Additionally, In January 2003, Key West participated in Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Following several successful deployments in the Pacific Ocean, Key West returned to her homeport of Pearl Harbor in 2010 for an extended overhaul.  Upon completion of the overhaul she will be outfitted with the newest technology in fire control and sonar equipment and will execute her duties in the protection and defense of this country. Key West conducted a homeport shift to Guam in 2012, and assigned to Commander, Submarine Squadron 15 (CSS-15), which is located at Polaris Point, Naval Base Guam

Length 361.9 ft (110.3 m) 
Displacement 6900 tons
Beam 32.8 ft (10 m)      
Draft 30.8ft (9.4 m)
Propulsion 1 x S6G Reactor       
Complement 14 O  134 E