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Welcome Aboard

Coming to the USS Frank Cable? CONGRATULATIONS!

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Below are some more commonly asked questions.

How do I get a sponsor?

To get a sponsor, email the command at sponsor@as40.navy.mil. Someone  should contact you shortly.

Do I need a passport?

Passports are not required for military members when traveling to Guam through Japan on orders. If you are traveling with a family to Guam then passports are required for your family members when traveling through Japan.  If you want to take leave to foreign countries while  stationed in Guam or take leave traveling through Japan then a tourist passport will be required.  

What is the uniform of the day for Frank Cable?

The uniform of the day will be the Navy Working Uniform or Navy Service Uniform. Underway the working uniform will be FRV's.

What uniform should I wear while PCS'ing?

While it was once common in the past for personnel to transit/PCS in uniform, this is no longer a good practice.  When traveling on military orders you should always wear conservative civilian attire.  Make sure you pack your Navy Working Uniform for checking in.

Where will I live when I arrive?

Single E-1 to E-4 Sailors will be required to live in the barracks once you report on board.  If you are a single E-4 with over four years then you will be able to live off base if you desire.  **Effective 1 October 2013, Naval Base Guam will no longer authorize Geographical Bachelors to reside in the barracks.  If you plan to complete an unaccompanied tour you will reside onboard the ship.  House Hold Goods (HHG) shipments and dual housing allowances will not be authorized for unaccompanied Geographical Bachelor Sailors.  Guam is a non-restricted dependent tour, therefore if you elect to report as an unaccompanied Geographical Bachelor your housing entitlement will be BAH at dependents location upon approval upon arrival. Ensure that you are in contact with your sponsor to identify any issues.

What is FIT?

FIT or Fleet Indoctrination and Training is a 4-week program designed to familiarize our Sailors with life aboard FRANK CABLE and the tropical island of Guam.  The course includes basic Damage Control qualifications, weapons qualifications, and briefing/introductions from many of the key people you’ll need to know while you’re here.