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About USS Emory S. Land

USS EMORY S. LAND (AS 39) is manned by an integrated crew of Sailors and Civilian Mariners under the administrative control of Commander Submarine Force, U.S. Pacific Fleet, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, and operational control of Commander, Submarine Group 7, Yokosuka, Japan.

USS Emory S. Land sideshot

As a forward deployed naval force, EMORY S. LAND is tasked to provide expeditionary intermediate level maintenance and repairs, as well as provide hotel service and logistics support to deployed Guided Missile and Fast Attack submarines deployed in the Fifth and Seventh Fleet areas of responsibility. EMORY S. LAND is additionally capable of providing repair and logistic services to deployed surface combatants and ships.

EMORY S. LAND is a fully capable and mission ready Afloat Fleet Maintenance Activity poised to keep the fleet in the fight.