Submarine Squadron 19


Bangor, WA
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About Submarine Squadron 19

Submarine Squadron 19In March 2004, 23 years after the creation of Submarine Group 9 at Naval Submarine Base Bangor, Wash., Submarine Squadron (SUBRON) 19 was activated under the command of Capt. Robert E. Schuetz.

Originally created as a second squadron for ballistic missile submarines (SSBNs) stationed at Bangor, SUBRON 19 is responsible for manning, training and equipping two guided-missile submarines (SSGNs) - USS Ohio (SSGN 726) and USS Michigan (SSGN 727) - and all SSBNs undergoing maintenance and fast attack submarines (SSNs) undergoing decommissioning in the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard and Intermediate Maintenance Facility. As of February 2024, USS Pennsylvania (SSBN 735), which is undergoing an extended refit period as well as USS Chicago (SSN 721), USS Key West (SSN 722, and USS San Juan (SSN 751), which are undergoing decommissioning, are all assigned to SUBRON 19.

Both USS Ohio and USS Michigan have two crews to maximize the operational availability of the submarine hulls. SUBRON 19 is directly responsible for manning, training and equipping its subordinate submarine crews to accomplish their combat, strike and special operations missions.

SUBRON 19's motto, "Incursus Profundum" ("Strike Deep"), acknowledges the ability of its assigned submarines to engage enemy targets from beneath the sea by employing either strategic or tactical missiles, or by inserting Special Operations Forces covertly over the beach.