Submarine Squadron 11


San Diego, CA
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Welcome Aboard!

I note with pleasure your assignment to COMSUBRON 11. You are joining a highly dedicated and professional team. I am confident that you will find your assignment both challening and rewarding. COMSUBRON 11 provides an exciting professional environment where you will be able to directly contribute to the readiness of our assigned units
-Commander, Submarine Squadron 11

Checking In to CSS-11

Read through the following to ensure your transition to San Diego is seamless. Whether you are checking in to a CSS-11 unit or the CSS-11 command staff, email the administration office or call them at (619) 553-8728/0795 to inform them of your arrival.

If you are flying into San Diego, call the quarterdeck at (619) 553-8665/8666 to schedule a pick-up from the airport.

Relocating to San Diego

Military Housing

Lincoln Military Housing offers 35 military housing communities spread across the San Diego area. Some have a waitlist, so apply for a position as soon as possible. Lincoln Military Housing also provides "Hot-Fill" housing which provide immediate move-in and reduced pricing. 

To view "Hot-Fill" housing, apply now and click the link below "Current Availability."


MWR provides on-base, inexpensive, safe storage units.

Fleet and Family Support Center

FFSC Key Resources

FFSC Parental Resources

FFSC Counseling and Legal Resources

Our FFSC is dedicated to serving those who serve. Please read the list of valuable resources provided above. Our FFSC is located at 140 Sylvester Rd. BLDG's 211 & 212, San Diego, CA and can be reached at (619) 553-7505.For more San Diego Fleet and Family services click here.

Morale Welfare and Recreation Center

Navy Region Southwest MWR Take a look at all that MWR has to offer. Keep in mind, some base's MWR centers provide different opportunities than others, so take the time to look at all of them. 

For after hours and weekends, contact the Submarine Squadron 11 Quarterdeck at (619) 553-8665/8666.