USS Buffalo (SSN 715)

Submarine Squadron 1

Pearl Harbor, HI
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About USS Buffalo (SSN 715)

The United States Navy fast attack submarine USS BUFFALO (SSN 715) is the third United States Navy Ship to bear the proud name of BUFFALO.

The first BUFFALO, a five gun block sloop with a crew of forty-four, served as a patrol vessel and flagship of the Delaware Flotilla during the War of 1812. On the twenty-ninth of July in 1813, while serving as Lieutenant Samuel Angus' flagship, the sloop BUFFALO took part in an attack on the British frigate Junon and British sloop-of-war Martin.

The second BUFFALO was the sixth hull constructed by the Newport News Shipbuilding company in 1892 as a commercial vessel. The United States government purchased the ship in 1898, fitted her out as auxiliary cruiser and commissioned her as the USS BUFFALO. She saw service in the Philippines, Mexico, Nicaragua, and as a part of the China Relief Expedition.

In 1917, the USS BUFFALO transported a special United States diplomatic mission to Russia and upon her return was converted to serve as a destroyer tender. For the remainder of World War I the USS BUFFALO was stationed off the coast of France and Gibraltar serving the fleet in this capacity. After a final tour with the United States Asiatic Fleet in 1921, the USS BUFFALO was decommissioned in 1922.