Submarine Squadron 17


Bangor, WA
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About Submarine Squadron 17

Submarine Squadron 17 emblemSubmarine Squadron (SUBRON) 17 was activated on Jan. 1, 1981 at Naval Submarine Base Bangor, Wash., under the command of Capt. Thomas R. Fox.

The first Ohio-class Trident SSBN, USS Ohio (SSBN 726) was homeported in Bangor in 1982 under the cognizance of SUBRON 17 and Submarine Group 9; eventually, the first eight Ohio-class SSBNs would be homeported in Bangor. The first Trident refit, strategic and tactical loadouts were completed in August 1982.

In 1988, USS Alabama (SSBN 731) completed the 100th Trident deterrent patrol; USS Michigan (SSBN 727) completed the 500th Trident patrol in April 1998. USS Florida (SSBN 728) had the honor of completing the Navy's 3,500th SSBN strategic deterrent patrol in May 2001.

Except for those SSBNs undergoing overhaul, all submarines assigned to SUBRON 17 have two crews to maximize the operational availability of the submarine hull. SUBRON 17 is directly responsible for manning, training and equipping its subordinate submarine crews to accomplish their strategic, strike and special operations missions.

Currently, seven submarines are assigned to SUBRON 17 - USS Henry M. Jackson (SSBN 730), USS Alabama (SSBN 731), USS Nevada (SSBN 733), USS Pennsylvania (SSBN 735), USS Nebraska (SSBN 739), USS Maine (SSBN 741) and USS Louisiana (SSBN 743).

SUBRON 17 has received three Meritorious Unit Commendations, the most recent coming in July 2012.