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CSG-9 Submarine Tours

Thank you for your interest in visiting the submarines stationed at Naval Base Kitsap – Bangor. Please read the following information below for further guidance on tours.

Tour Guidance, Policy and Requirements

  • General visiting is not authorized. As such, all tours must be scheduled at least six weeks in advance. Once tours are approved, guests will be contacted for further information.
  • Due to the dynamic schedules of our submarines, we may not be able to accommodate your preferred dates. Furthermore, all tours are subject to cancellation on short notice due to operational requirements. The public affairs office will notify guests of such information as soon as possible. Your understanding and flexibility are appreciated.
  • All tours are conducted at the unclassified level. Any tours at a higher classification must be routed through our Security Manager for review.
  • Eligible groups for tours include organized and recognized groups (i.e., youth and school programs; community, civic and business organizations; government agencies, etc.).
  • Tours for individuals or general public are handled on a case-by-case basis.
  • Submarine Group 9 must be notified if any proposed guests are foreign nationals or dual citizens 45 days in advance to allow for further processing of request. Dual citizens will need to provide proof of naturalization and/or a U.S. passport number.
  • The maximum number of guests per submarine per tour is 35 for weekday tours.
  • Memorabilia (coins, caps, patches, etc.) is maintained and managed by each respective unit and may or may not be available for your tour. Guests interested in purchasing memorabilia are encouraged to bring cash.
  • Delta Pier is an industrial environment; visitors must exercise extreme caution.
  • Submarine guests.
    • Should be able to climb up and down a 30-foot vertical ladder in the event the spiral staircase is not available.
    • Those prone to claustrophobia or panic attacks should not attend submarine tours.
    • Pregnant women are not allowed onto submarines.
    • Dress code.
    • Military.
    • Uniform of the day (no skirts or heels).
    • Civilians.
    • All must wear closed toe shoes / flats.
    • No skirts, dresses or heels allowed.
    • Political or offensive clothing is not permitted.
    • Failure to comply with the dress code will result in the individual not being able to attend the submarine tour.
  • Age limits.
    • For in-port, onboard boat visitors eight-years-old and above may attend.
    • Due to safety considerations, guests must be at least 8 years old. For guests 18 and older, please bring some form of government-issued identification, i.e., driver's license, passport, etc. All younger guests may bring a school photo ID or birth certificate.
  • Contraband
    • The following are not allowed in the SWFPAC Production Area, Limited Area, or at the Explosive Handling Wharfs (EHW), as well as most other Naval Base Kitsap Bangor areas:
    • No cell phones or smart watches.
    • Photography and personal electronics devices, i.e., cell phones, tablets, laptops, etc., are not authorized aboard our submarines. It is highly recommended guests leave such items in their vehicles or at home. Additionally, please avoid all photography while aboard Naval Base Kitsap.
    • No portable electronics.
    • No Bluetooth.
    • No Geo-Trackers
    • No alcoholic beverages, narcotics, or drug paraphernalia.
    • No blackjacks or knives with blades more than 3 inches.
    • No weapons or ammo.
    • No flame producing devices (includes e-cigarettes).
    • No radio or electronic equipment not approved by SWFPAC Security.
    • No classified documents or material without a valid Courier Card.
    • Electronic medical devices (i.e. hearing aids) will need to be cleared with security in advance upon the submission of access documentation.

  • All Foreign National personnel entering restricted areas must have Foreign Visit System (FVS) Embassy approval.
    • Foreign Visitor Requests require up to 45 days to process.
    • Foreign National visitors must be escorted at all times. Escorting is defined as continuous proximity to, and visual contact with, the escorted individual(s) in order to enable the escort to witness the escorted individuals’ actions. This requires side-by-side accompaniment or at least line of sight contact.


  • Lunch is offered at the base “galley” (Trident Inn) to eligible groups (Navy sponsored youth groups, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Sea Cadets, & ROTC/JROTC).
  • At the galley, the tour leader must pay for all the meals with a credit or debit card.
  • Galley prices: $7.00 per person
  • If dining at the galley is not desired, groups may go to the Inside Out Café, located at the base MWR, across the street from the base chapel.
  • Prices are approximately $6-$15 per person. Each person can order and pay for their own meal at the Inside Out Café.
  • Visitors not eligible to eat at the galley (Navy League, Submarine League, retirees, civilian groups) can enjoy lunch at the Inside Out Café.

Tour Request Form

Please fill out the downloadable forms completely (included on this page).

  • Official Visitor Request Form Template
    • List must contain all names alphabetically by last name.
    • All names must be legal names, no nicknames or shortened names.
    • Must show guests’ citizenship and place of birth if other than U.S.
    • Whether the guest has a current DoD issued ID
    • Names on list must match IDs exactly
    • CAC column = DoD Common Access Card
    • If none, disregard
    • Dependent column = DoD dependent
    • If none, please disregard
    • Escort column
    • Leave blank
  • SECNAV 5512/1
    • All event participants not possessing valid base entry credentials must complete the SECNAV 5512/1 in its entirety unless waived by the NBK CO.
    • A completed SECNAV form 5512/1 is required for every guest age 18 and over (for non-DoD).
    • Personnel will need to submit a SECNAV 5512/1 for every visitor who does not have a DoD ID card (i.e. CAC, DoD Dependent ID, DoD Veteran/Retiree ID).
    • Military dependents do not need to fill out the 5512 form. Visitors under the age of 18 are not required to fill out the 5512 form.
    • On the 5512s, please direct your members to include their full SSNs or (for foreign visitors) their passport number. When they attend the tour, they’ll also need to bring along proof of citizenship as their primary ID (CSIS ID card in conjunction with an official passport; an enhanced driver’s license, a NEXUS card, a valid passport, or a federal/state photo ID in conjunction with an original birth certificate). These are all required by Naval Base Kitsap Security, to ensure the thorough vetting of all visitors requesting access to the strategic nuclear triad assets (the Ohio-class nuclear-powered submarines).
    • The form says SSN and/or Driver’s License, however the SSN is a Naval Base Kitsap requirement and must be entered.
    • Encryption options below.
    • Please fill out all of the yellow highlighted blocks, date, and sign.
    • Privacy Act Statement (CSG-9 requirement)
    • Request to Tour Waiver (CSG-9 requirement)
    • Please note: COVID waivers are no longer required per CSG-9 medical.
    • We encourage electronic encrypted submissions via DoD Safe (https://safe.apps.mil/).
    • You may email passwords separately.

Background information on groups are highly recommended (i.e., mission statement, website, etc.). Flexibility of dates requested will increase the likelihood of your tour being scheduled. Please note, submission of the forms does not indicate tour availability.

Once filled out, email the attachments to the tour coordinator at: BANG_CSG9_PAO@navy.mil

Once we have received your list, changes CANNOT be made. If there are people in your group that are not sure about going, add them to the list to be safe (omissions and no-shows are fine).



Contact Information

For any questions, please call CSG-9 Public Affairs at (360) 396-4900.
Phone calls are encouraged to discuss dates and options.

Parking & Pickup Information

  • Parking and pickup for guess will be at the U.S. Naval Undersea Museum parking lot:
    • 1 Garnett Way, Keyport, Washington 98345
    • Parking for tours is located at the end of the lot away from the entrance to the Museum
    • CSG 9 will provide transportation from the museum, throughout the tour, and return guests to the museum in the afternoon. You are responsible for your own transportation to and from the museum.
    • Directions to Keyport Undersea Museum
    • From Edmonds and Points North
    • Take the Washington State Ferry from Edmonds to Kingston
    • Go south on route 104 to its intersection with route 305
    • Turn right on route 305 to its intersection with Highway 3, then turn south on Highway 3 to route 308
    • Go east on route 308 and follow the signs to Keyport and the museum
    • From Kingston
    • Go south on route 104 to its intersection with route 305
    • Turn right on route 305 to its intersection with Highway 3, then turn south on Highway 3 to route 308
    • Go east on route 308 and follow the signs to Keyport and the museum
    • From Bainbridge Island
    • Take route 305 north to its intersection with Highway 3, then turn south on Highway 3 to route 308
    • Turn left (east) on route 308 and follow the signs to Keyport and the museum.
    • From Bremerton
    • Take Highway 3 north to route 308
    • Turn right (east) on route 308 and follow the signs to Keyport and the museum
    • From Tacoma
    • Take Highway 3 north to route 308
    • Turn right (east) on route 308 and follow the signs to Keyport and the museum
    • From Seattle
    • Take the Washington State Ferry from Coleman Dock in downtown Seattle to the ferry terminal at either Bainbridge Island or Bremerton. Then follow the directions from that city to the museum