Commanding Officer, Mobile Mine Assembly Group


San Diego, CA


Command Employment: Commanding Officer, Mobile Mine Assembly Group’s (COMOMAG) mission is to serve as the Navy’s Subject Matter Expert (SME) in Mine Warfare (MIW) as it pertains to the maintenance, upkeep and assembly of the U.S. Navy’s War Reserve (WR) mine stockpile. Specifically, COMOMAG provides technical direction, guidance, preparation, and oversight in support of the U.S. Navy’s War Reserve mine stockpile maintained at mine Intermediate Maintenance Activities (IMA) including Exercise and Training (ET) mine assets.

Vision: Lead and excel at making ready and operating a modern stockpile of mines optimized for potential future military encounters anytime, anywhere in support of U.S. operations. Character, competence, and teamwork will be the keys to our readiness and mission success.

History: Mobile Mine Assembly Group (MOMAG) was established on 1 July 1975 as Commander Mobile Mine Assembly Group (COMOMAG), growing from an organization with detachments deploying to Europe to a world-wide organization supporting all Fleets.

The concept of sea mine maintenance and assembly units came from studies termed the "Ralph Report" and "Low Report" addressed decades prior to stand-up of Mobile Mine Assembly Group. At the end of WWII the U.S. Navy's mine stockpile and our ability to correctly assemble them was in poor condition. New mine systems required better maintenance practices and readiness standards, as well as a full-time cadre of technical experts (MINEMAN) to maintain and build these new technically diverse undersea weapons.

The creation of MOMAG was directed by Commander Mine Warfare Forces on 15 October 1973 as a result of the highly successful use of Mobile Mines Assembly Teams (MOMAT's) in the early 1970's. Teams were previously chartered in both the Atlantic and Pacific regions to augment naval weapons departments around the globe with mine assembly and maintenance. With an increased emphasis on Mine Warfare Readiness, the Navy created COMOMAG to manage all aspects of the world-wide stockpile of naval mines. COMOMAG initially operated from its headquarters in Charleston, South Carolina. A number of smaller detachments and two larger Units were established around the world for on-site mine assembly and maintenance. These small detachments worked well, but to improve command and control of these activities, most MOMAG detachments were permanently converted to Mobile Mine Assembly Units (MOMAU) with a Commanding Officer to keep personnel and expertise on-station and in theater for full tours of duty. This process expanded opportunities for personnel to Permanent Change of Station (PCS) with their families and the readiness of all mine systems increased dramatically with the full time presence and dedicated expertise of Minemen for longer periods.

Following the 1990 Gulf War and subsequent Base Realignment Commission recommendations, COMOMAG moved its headquarters in July 1994 to Corpus Christi, Texas to collocate with COMINEWARCOM and the MCM Squadrons, who preceded it in 1993 to the South Coastal Bend region of Texas. From a high of 14 MOMAG Units and Detachments, mining continued to evolve and consolidate its organization to a leaner, but capable structure of six permanently located MOMAU's around the globe. COMOMAG organization continues to be the U.S. Navy's sole mining resource and with both an offensive and defensive capability, is universally recognized as the "war" in Mine Warfare.

Commander, Navy Munitions Command (NMC) Division COMOMAG realigned under the newly formed Navy Munitions Command on 1 October 2006. Creating a new Mining Division responsible for maintaining and assembling the U.S. Navy mine stockpile. The six remaining Mine Activities subsequently disestablished, and consolidated with respective Navy Munitions Command Division Units collocated in Misawa Japan, Okinawa Japan, and Guam, under Commander, Navy Munitions Command-Pacific East Asia Division (NMCPACEAD); Seal Beach, California under Commander, Navy Munitions Command-Pacific, CONUS West Division; and Charleston South Carolina under Commander, Navy Munitions Command-Atlantic (NMCLANT).

COMOMAG has been at its present location at Naval Station Point Loma in San Diego California since July 2010 due to 2009 Base Realignment of Mine Warfare Commands from South Texas to Southern California. Commander, Mobile Mine Assembly Group was realigned on 31 October 2011 as Commanding Officer, Mobile Mine Assembly Group. COMOMAG maintains oversight and provides subject matter expertise for mining programs for the Commander, Submarine Force, U.S. Pacific Fleet.