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NEWS | Aug. 26, 2016

Fair Winds and Following Seas, FORCM Mason!

By FORCM(SS) Russell S. Mason, Force Master Chief

Wow!  It’s hard to believe that I’ve been the Force Master Chief for more than two years already.  The cliché holds true, “time flies when you’re having fun!”  That is what it has been for me…FUN!  It has also been an honor to serve as your FORCM over the past two years.  There has been a lot of good work done by our Sailors, their families, and our Ombudsman throughout the Pacific Region and beyond--too much for me to list here. 

From my perspective, Guam has been our biggest success over the last two years culminating with the “Go Guam!” Initiative being awarded as the Navy’s “Best in Show” for a Public Affairs Communication Program.  There are many contributors to the “Go Guam!” campaign, specifically our folks at Submarine Squadron FIFTEEN (CSS-15) and onboard the USS FRANK CABLE and USS EMORY S. LAND. I’d also like to give a heartfelt shout out to Command Master Chief Steve Bosco, CMC of CSS-15, COMNAVMAR Public Affairs, Naval Base Guam Public Affairs and all our partners in Guam whose support has helped made this campaign a success. “Go Guam!” is truly a team effort. 

Some of the ways we’re improving life for our Sailors and families on Guam include:

Development of the “1st FIFTEEN” PCS Checklist
CSS-15 developed the “1st FIFTEEN” PCS Checklist to guide Sailors and families through their “1st FIFTEEN” days on island.  To our Sailors and families who participated in “Go Guam!” surveys and focus groups: thank you and we hear you. We understand the need for information and support from your command prior to and upon arrival on island. In December 2015, we launched the “Go Guam!” website as a direct response to that need and now, CSS-15 has built this resource to continue supporting you and your family well into your time on Guam. We hope this transition is a positive one – one that supports you and your family and encourages others to “Go Guam!”. The “1st FIFTEEN” PCS Checklist is available for download on the "Go Guam!" homepage at

Refurbishment of The Point Club
The Point Club recently reopened for Sailors on Polaris Point.  The Point Club is a liberty center that provides Sailors a place in close proximity to the piers where they can enjoy themselves and relax. Our Sailors can enjoy billiards, darts, watch TV, play video games, read, use free WiFi or just cool down while enjoying drinks and snacks.

Launch of CSS-15’s True North
True North is a new program coordinated by CSS-15. It meets monthly and is designed to encourage service members and families to engage in healthy lifestyle habits that support a positive quality of life. Although it is a CSS-15 program, it is open to all service members and families on Guam. Each meeting is led by a guest speaker who addresses a specific topic before opening up for questions and group discussion. Feedback from attendees has been positive, and CSS-15 plans to continue organizing this great program.

CSS-15’s First Spouse Employment Workshop
Last month, CSS-15 hosted the first spouse employment workshop with support from Fleet and Family Support Center Guam. Attendees received an overview of job and education opportunities on the island, and can expect to learn more about how to utilize education and job placement programs available to them in upcoming workshops. It’s also a great networking event for our skilled spouses on Guam! CSS-15 plans to host the events on a regular basis, so stay tuned to CSS-15’s Facebook page ( for details about upcoming workshops.

Finally, as I transition to a new Command Master Chief position, I welcome FORCM(SS) Paul Davenport, who relieved me this week. I am excited to turn over the world’s greatest Submarine Force and watch where he leads the Force in the future.  Congratulations Paul, and I’ll see you all around the waterfront.