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NEWS | Oct. 14, 2015

USS City of Corpus Christi visits Singapore during Western Pacific Deployment

By Lt. Franklin Robertson

(SINGAPORE) – The Los Angeles-class fast-attack submarine USS City of Corpus Christi (SSN 705) arrived in Singapore Oct. 5 for a visit as a part of its deployment to the Western Pacific.

With a crew of approximately 150, City of Corpus Christi showcased the latest capabilities of the submarine fleet.

"City of Corpus Christi is conducting extended operations in the waters of the Western Pacific," said Cmdr. Travis Petzoldt, the commanding officer of City of Corpus Christi. "Deployments like this are essential to our readiness as they stress our ability to operate without external logistical support and provide experience in varied operational environments.

"The United States is a Pacific nation and it is a priority for us to build and maintain partnerships in the region to help promote peace, prosperity and stability in it. Singapore is an important partner and our visit reflects that. The crew and I look forward to our interactions with the Republic of Singapore Navy and are extremely pleased and excited to have this opportunity to visit the 'Lion City,'" said Petzoldt.

Submarines of the Los Angeles class, the Navy's largest class of nuclear-powered attack submarines, are among the most advanced undersea vessels in the world. Operating independently or in coordination with allied ships and aircraft, the wartime missions of the Los Angeles-class submarines are to hunt down and destroy enemy ships and submarines using torpedoes and anti-ship cruise missiles. Because submarines are the original stealth platforms, their wartime missions can also include operating undetected in enemy-controlled or contested waters while conducting reconnaissance, search and rescue, delivery of mines or insertion and retrieval of special warfare teams. These 360-foot, 6,900 ton ships are well equipped to accomplish these tasks. Faster than their predecessor and equipped with highly accurate sensors and weapons control systems, they are armed with sophisticated Mark 48 ADCAP torpedoes and Tomahawk cruise missiles.

"These men have worked hard over the last year to get this 33-year-old submarine ready to deploy, and ready she is," said Master Chief Machinist's Mate Richard Magee, the chief of the boat aboard City of Corpus Christi. "They have done an amazing job getting the ship and themselves ready for this deployment and I couldn't be more proud of a group of men than I am of this crew. This is my fourth Western Pacific deployment and the third time I have been fortunate enough to visit Singapore and I'm looking forward to this visit.

"This is a first for many of my crew and our first official port visit of the deployment, so I know that they are looking forward to getting some time off and I can't think of a better place to take some time to relax than Singapore," said Magee. "This will be an amazing port visit for my crew."

For some of the crew members this was their first time visiting Singapore.
"I'm excited to see the skyline of a modern city as well as experience all of the cultural diversity Singapore has to offer," said Electronics Technician 2nd Class Broc Andrews. "This is what I imagined when I joined the Navy. I wanted to travel thousands of miles to see parts of the world I wouldn't have otherwise."

City of Corpus Christi is home ported in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. It was commissioned Jan. 8, 1983 and is currently on its final deployment. City of Corpus Christi will be decommissioned in 2016 after 33 years of committed service at sea.