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Hafa adai and welcome to the official site of the “Go Guam” Initiative. The mission of “Go Guam” is to support Sailors and families in Guam and throughout the SUBFOR by providing accurate information regarding a tour of duty on the frontline of submarine and submarine tender service in the Pacific. From information to help you and your family with a PCS move to Guam, resources available to you during your duty tour, or a glimpse into what life is like on island, “Go Guam” is for you. “Go Guam” is dedicated to ensuring Sailors and families who serve in Guam have the opportunity thrive – professionally and personally - during a tour of duty here. Look around; learn about the island and the full life you and your family can have here. Learn why Guam should be your next stop.

Submarine Squadron 15

Guam is home to CSS-15 and homeport to four submarines: USS Chicago (SSN 721), USS Key West (SSN 722), USS Oklahoma City (SSN 723) and USS Topeka (SSN 754) and two submarine tenders, the USS Emory S. Land (AS 39) and the USS Frank Cable (AS 40). Those who serve in Guam are the forward deployed, first line of defense in the Pacific. Such an environment demands skilled, dedicated, mission-ready Sailors and submariners. You will be the first responder. You will do the exciting stuff at a moment’s notice, and you will defend our nation’s interests from the frontline. Choose Guam and do what you joined the Navy to do. 

Why Guam?

Guam is about the mission – there’s no doubt about it – but it’s also a true paradise. Explore breathtaking white sand beaches, countless hikes through the interior of the island, world renowned scuba diving and snorkeling and various water sports. Familiarize yourself with the warm and welcoming Chamorro community, its fiestas (Chamorro barbecues), cultural night markets and incredible cuisine. Interested in international travel? Guam is the ideal hub for travel throughout the Pacific. Places like Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, Bali, Australia and Fiji will never be more accessible.

Staying Connected