USS Houston (SSN 713)

Submarine Squadron 7

Pearl Harbor, HI
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About USS Houston (SSN 713)

The USS HOUSTON (SSN-713) is the United States Navy's first submarine to be named HOUSTON and the fourth United States Navy vessel named in honor of the city of Houston, Texas.

The first HOUSTON was originally the German freighter LIEBENFELS, captured during World War I and commissioned USS HOUSTON (AK-1) in 1917. She served in various transport and convoy duties in the Atlantic and Pacific until her decommissioning in 1922.

The second HOUSTON (CA-30) was launched by Newport News Shipbuilding and Dry-dock Company on September 7, 1929, and commissioned June 17, 1930.

Prior to World War II she served as the flagship of four admirals and carried President Franklin D. Roosevelt on four official cruises.

When the United States entered World War II, HOUSTON was assigned to the Asiatic Fleet and after transit to Australia she joined the ABDA (American - British - Dutch - Australian) Naval Forces at Surabaya, Java.

In the Battle of Java Sea on February 26, 1942, HOUSTON and the ABDA force boldly engaged a large Japanese invasion fleet steaming to Java. The battle continued through the night when the HMS PERTH and USS HOUSTON steamed boldly into Bantea Bay, hoping to damage the Japanese invasion forces. The cruisers successfully evaded nine torpedoes launched by Japanese destroyers, then sank one transport and so severly damaged three others that they had to beach.