NOPF Dam Neck

Dam Neck, VA

Naval Ocean Processing Facility (NOPF) Dam Neck was commissioned in September 1979 and is a tenant command of Commander, Undersea Surveillance, a unit of Submarine Force, U.S. Pacific Fleet. As one of the few remaining Integrated Undersea Surveillance (IUSS) facilities, NOPF Dam Neck has become the premier Undersea Surveillance Site, conducting operations throughout the Atlantic Ocean, North Atlantic, and Norwegian Sea. In May 2009, NOPF Dam Neck officially became a Joint Command welcoming the United Kingdom Detachment and an increased area of responsibility. This expansion also made NOPF DN the largest contingent of United Kingdom personnel in the United States.

NOPF DN proudly boasts its mission, “To provide timely and accurate acoustic cueing to operating and supporting forces, and to conduct continuous maritime surveillance for homeland security 24/7/365.” It is comprised of approximately 222 Enlisted, 22 Officers, and 7 civilians from the US Navy, UK Royal Navy and Royal Air Force. Together, they are the cornerstone of the IUSS community.


Commanding Officer
CDR Eric Kirlin

Executive Officer
LCDR Kenneth Myrick II

Senior Enlisted Leader
STGCM Lebron

Key Phone Numbers

Commanding/Executive Officer's Secretary
(757) 492-4701

Senior Enlisted Leader 
(757) 492-4706

Security Manager 
(757) 492-4717

Command Public Affairs Officer (PAO) 
(757) 492-4830

Admin Dept 
(757) 492-4710

24 hour Operations watchfloor 
(757) 492-4803

24 hour Communications watchfloor 
(757) 492-4755