Commander, Submarine Force, U.S. Pacific Fleet


Naval Submarine Support Command

NSSC Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor, HI

CDR Michael EberleinCommander Michael Eberlein

Commanding Officer

Commander Michael Eberlein was commissioned in the Navy in December 1996 through the Nuclear Propulsion Officer Candidate program.  After completion of the nuclear training pipeline in April 1998, he reported to the USS JAMES K POLK (SSN 645), serving in various division officer assignments and completing the ship’s final Mediterranean deployment.  Following POLK’s decommissioning, he reported to the USS HYMAN G RICKOVER (SSN 709) and completed a North Atlantic deployment.  


In June 2001, he reported to the Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps unit at Duke University, where he served as a Naval Science Instructor and Officer in Charge.  He reported in February 2004 to the USS MAINE (SSBN 741) (Blue) where he served as Engineer Officer, completing five strategic deterrent patrols and a change of homeport to Bangor, WA.


In April 2007, he reported as the final Engineer Officer at Submarine Squadron 22 in La Maddalena, Italy, completing the closure of the squadron and transition of submarine material management responsibilities to Submarine Group 8/Task Force 69 in Naples, Italy.  He served as the first Engineer Officer and as Strike Officer at Task Force 69 from September 2007 through December 2008.


He reported in April 2009 to USS HOUSTON (SSN 713) in Guam, where he served as Executive Officer, completing several Western Pacific missions on a permanently forward-deployed submarines.  Following his Executive Officer tour he reported in February 2011 to U.S. Pacific Command in Honolulu, HI, where he served as the Senior Field Representative for the National Reconnaissance Office.  In June 2014, he subsequently moved to the Pearl Harbor waterfront, as the Deputy Commander for Readiness at Submarine Squadron ONE.  He relieved as Commanding Officer at Naval Submarine Support Command in May 2016.


Commander Eberlein has a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics and Mathematics and a Masters Degree in Business Administration from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. 


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