Commander, Submarine Force, U.S. Pacific Fleet


Commander, Anti-Submarine Warfare Force, U.S. Third Fleet


Commander, Anti-Submarine Warfare Force, U.S. Third FleetThe mission of Commander, Anti-Submarine Warfare Force THIRD Fleet is to execute CTF-34s theater Anti-Submarine Warfare role as CTF-34/TASWC and fulfill a training support role to plan and conduct theater ASW exercises and tactics to support Fleet training requirements and the Fleet ASW Improvement Program. CTF-34/TASWC provides tactical command and control of assigned ASW assets during operations and exercises.

Contact Information

The command can be reached via the below contact information:

CTF-34 Watch Floor: (808) 473-3315
CDO Duty Telephone: (808) 264-3431
Unclassified Fax: (808) 473-2021

Mailing Address:
1430 Morton Street, Building 619
Pearl Harbor, HI 96860

Chief of Staff: CAPT William A. Hearther
Deputy Chief of Staff: Adam Hunt
Senior Enlisted Advisor: ETCS(SS) Charles McDaniel

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